Ever since I wrote Maximize Your Social way back in 2013, I have always promoted a data-driven PDCA approach to digital and social media marketing. When I was first introduced to Digivizer, I thought, "If I was ever going to develop a tool that had the biggest need for my clients, this would be the tool." So for many reasons it's very exciting to be partnering with Digivizer - because their analytics platform delivers on this essential requirement of successful marketing. Executives, marketers and content creator entrepreneurs need to know what's actually working. Digivizer provides these insights, in real-time. And the Digivizer team really knows digital marketing, especially around using data to optimize strategies for maximum return. So I'm looking forward to this partnership. Working with Digivizer means additional value to my clients and community to help them make informed decisions, improve ROI and drive growth in their businesses.

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What is Digivizer?

Digivizer is a comprehensive analytics platform designed to help businesses of all sizes get the most out of their investment in digital marketing.

  • See all your social, search, paid, and web performance insights in a single, easy-to-follow dashboard without leaving the platform.
  • Quickly make data-informed decisions about where to place your marketing dollars and energy.
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Why choose Digivizer?

We’re market-leading in affordability for what our platform offers.

  • Get a full 360* view of your digital marketing performance with almost every major social media, ad manager and web tool available as integrations.
  • 1:1 and group support from our social and digital marketing specialists covering product details, insight sessions, strategy, reporting.
  • Access around the clock support from our team to ensure you get the most out of our product and your marketing strategy

Connect more of your paid web social social platforms​


Choose the Digital Marketing Performance Insights Plan that suits you

All of our plans include 30 days of historical social media, search and web performance data based on what accounts you have connected, all downloaded within a minute. 

Our paid plans include a 30 day free trial.

Pay annually and save 15%













/month, billed monthly

/month, billed monthly

/month, billed monthly

/month, billed monthly

For start-up businesses, small teams and creators wanting to harness real-time insights for growth.

For growing teams focused on building more together.

For companies wanting to engage their entire marketing ecosystem, grow brand health and create strategies for growth.

For companies wanting to engage their entire marketing ecosystem, grow brand health and create strategies for growth.





It's easy to get started.

Connect your digital marketing channels to your Brand Space.

Invite your team and stakeholders to your Brand Space.

Analyze cross-channel data to create real insights.

Create digital marketing reports in a couple of clicks.

Build a historical data archive for deeper insights and smarter marketing.

Get insights straight to your inbox with automated weekly reports.

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Need to know more? Explore some helpful information here:

Register for one our 30-minute discovery webinars for an introduction to Digivizer. Learn how you can save time & money by accessing all your digital marketing analytics in one platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number of accounts include a combination of social media, paid media and web analytics accounts.

Social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter

Paid media accounts: Meta Business (includes Facebook, Instagram and Fuji Meta extended platforms and networks), TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads, Amazon Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and LinkedIn Ads

Web analytics accounts: Google Analytics, Google Search Console
Social media analytics for selected social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & TikTok including Impressions, Reach, Video Views, Engagement, Click-throughs, Engagement Rates, Comments and you can sort the actual post content to see which creative and messaging.

You will also see all posts where you are tagged in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and see any post that includes the hashtag(s) you are tracking.
Paid media analytics for selected paid media accounts including Meta Business (includes Facebook, Instagram and Fuji Meta extended platforms and networks), TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads, Amazon Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and LinkedIn Ads including Total Spend, Impressions, CPM, Engagement, Engagement Rate, CPE, Video Views, Link Clicks, CTR, CPC at the Campaign, Adset and Ad level, Conversions, Cost Per Conversion, Conversion Value, Conversion Rate, ROAS, Page Likes, Lead Form, Website Lead, Total Leads, Cost Per Lead.

Plus see the search ad copy and see the actual creative at ad level.
Yes, Digivizer platform offers social listening based on the plan you choose. You get 1 hashtag tracking in the Digivizer for Free plan with an option to upgrade and track more hashtags and mentions. You can also invite influencers or ambassadors to know when they are talking about you and the performance of their posts (e.g. how many people engaged with their posts or saw them) by choose the Digivizer Influencer & Social Listening Plan.
Social media mentions include posts from people who mention or tag the accounts you have connected across Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter).
There are 3 types of roles you can have per below: Digivizer Account Owner- Anyone can open a Digivizer Account, and is both the Account Admin and a user and can authorize the upgrade of your plan. It is best that the Admin User has the most permissions to assign to their account – as Digivizer works on permissions and can show all data that the admin has permission for.

User – Admin User can add accounts and add users. User sees data that is connected to Admin account.

Influencer/Ambassador – an Influencer/Ambassador has access to their own Digivizer Standard account but allows the brand paying for their account to see their tagged posts, agreed hashtags and post engagement data.
If you upgrade your account to a paid account to access more features, you will have 30 days free to try the plan. If you haven’t cancelled, your credit card will be invoiced automatically at 30 days after the upgrade.
You can upgrade your plan through the prompts in the product or by contacting Digivizer through the support pop up chat window on the right hand side of the product, or by reaching us through social. You will automatically be given 30 days to try the plan you have chosen before you start paying for your upgraded account.
Yes, you can stop paying for your account at any time. If you have already been billed for the month, you will have access to your account and analytics until the end of the month. At the time your account expires, you will lose all your data. If you restart later, you will need to pay for the data to be reinstated. If you choose to downgrade to a free plan, you are cancelling your plan and will lose data as you will be required to start and connect your accounts to a free plan.
When you first connect your account we will retrieve 30 days of data within a couple of minutes. Data is then collected minimum once a day (or more) to provide you an up-to-date view of all owned, earned and paid and allows you to continue to see your performance over time. You can see data for as long as your account stays open, your accounts stay connected and paid up to date. If for whatever reason you stop payment on your account, your data will no longer show when you restart.
Yes, you can export any data you see in the product for the period you are paid up to.
The data is true of the platform at the time we connect with the platform data. We show you the time that data was collected. You may see differences even day to day as it takes up to 2-3 days for platforms themselves to complete their data collection and presentation of final numbers.

We can not change their platforms, but we can show you exactly what they are sharing at the time we connect to them. We connect at least once daily, and in some platforms, many times daily based on their own rate limitations.
If you spend any time or money in creating social content or spend ad budget on Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), TikTok, Microsoft ads, Amazon ads or Google Ad, then this is the most cost-effective way of keeping a view of everything in one place, no matter what stage of the business you are at.

You can start with free plan, then upgrade to a paid plan when you are ready to take advantage of more features. It is easy to get a strong ROI on our platform with the amount of additional revenue growth you can generate through insights and the amount of time and dollars saved by stopping poor performing content and paid performance.
Start with the Digivizer Free to start seeing immediate performance insights. Please use the chat function or book into one of our support or event sessions for us to help you choose what is right for you. You can also upgrade from the Digivizer Free plan.
This is possible, however you will lose all insights connected to your paid plan. You can easily end your paid plan, then set up a new free plan and choose which accounts you wish to connect.
Success speaks volumes

Don’t just take our word for it. Leading brands around the world rely on the Digivizer Advantage.
From small business to global companies, our customers come to us for game-changing insights and data-driven support. 

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