Oh Crap! We’re helping this startup maximise its digital spend, helping turn poop into sales and revenue

February 15, 2019 - 3 minute read

More than any other time in history, we need to be more savvy about how we showcase our products and services. We need to be agile, being able to see the success or failure of a campaign in an instant and pivot to see success.

This isn’t always easy. Until now.

As a small Australian startup, Oh Crap!, featured in CMO recently, is standing out from the crowd with their eco-friendly doggy doo-doo bags. They’re designed to replace the approximately 1, 200 kilograms of waste produced every day by more than three million Australian dogs.

“We love dogs but we got sick and tired of not being able to do something good for the environment about what they leave behind – even when their owners do the right thing,” explains Oh Crap Marketer Henry Reith. “So we took action and we’ve started on a mission to try and reduce the problem one poop at a time!”



Up to 4% of landfill is poop, in the ground in plastic bags that will take 1,000 years to break down. In comparison, Oh Crap’s cornstarch-based bags are gone in 3 months. The article in CMO captures their ascent as a business and the reasons for success.

With Facebook being an incubator for social change, the team started looking to the digital realm to spread the word about this amazing product.

However, creating witty content wasn’t enough for the team – they needed to know more about how their content was performing. But being a startup, every dollar of Oh Crap’s marketing budget has to count.

Enter Digivizer. With our platform, Reith is now able to get a real sense of how his budget is actually performing, to such an extent that Oh Crap’s Facebook and Instagram engagement has both increased 25% in just six weeks.

“Even as an analytics geek, it can still be difficult to track performance and know what’s going on with your digital and social marketing. Digivizer lets me do both.”


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“Part of being able to grow our performance over as little as six weeks has come from being able to see which parts of our program work,” says Henry Reith. “It’s great to see all our numbers in one place, without having to struggle with each platform’s own analytics – to simply be able to see our numbers instantly.”

Henry is already seeing direct links between Oh Crap’s social and digital marketing and sales. “Along with growing social media, we’ve hired another person because we’ve gone through stock so quickly, with about half our first-time sales now coming from organic social media marketing.  And I can track sales to social.”


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Being able to track all he needs to in real-time, across platforms, means he can create tactical programs that make a real difference to outcomes, as well as letting him take a more strategic view of his marketing efforts. Take hashtags as one example: “It’s great that I can see every hashtag that we use, which means they can all be used for our ‘share and win’ competitions. I can see the details of every person who shares one of our hashtags, every month, and ensure I send them a prize – and market to them into the future.”

Digivizer has in-house digital marketing experts and technology capabilities, a combination that makes data and insights for all paid, owned and earned media campaigns accessible and affordable.

“With our platform, we are able to bring what was previously available for the top end of the town to every business. Our objective is to help growing businesses like Oh Crap! to put data into their marketing decisions,” says Emma Lo Russo, CEO at Digivizer.

As to future plans, Henry and the Oh Crap team is gearing up a bigger future: “The platform is super-affordable. I’m now doing the same type of things that huge companies do – and I can see the effects. There’s a reason why huge companies are huge – and we’re getting there!”

For busy SMBs focused on growing their businesses, Digivizer’s solution is affordable, easy to start and convenient to use. Simply create your account, start your 30-day free trial, with 30 days of data from day 1.