Manage multiple brands and their performance effortlessly with Brand Space

February 19, 2019 - 3 minute read

Your brand can be complex to manage in digital and social marketing – but the basic challenges of marketing your brand don’t change:  which campaigns perform best, why, and how do I maximize the return on my budget?

Companies and digital marketing managers can now answer these questions with confidence using Digivizer’s Brand Space.

Brand Space makes it easy to manage multiple brands, and understand and report on your digital and social paid, owned, and earned media brand performance.

And because it’s part of the Digivizer platform, it’s affordable for companies of any size, including funded startups and agencies.

How does Brand Space work?

With Brand Space business owners and brand managers can easily add, group, invite, and manage the data from multiple brands effortlessly and affordably, across multiple digital and social platforms, using your Digivizer plan.


Video: Learn how Brand Space works from Digivizer’s Head of Paid Performance


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You can add any number of Brand Spaces, and connect relevant social and search marketing campaigns to a single or multiple Brand Spaces.

You can assign names to Brand Spaces to help make brand performance comparisons more consistent and easier. Costs remain under your control as part of your chosen plan – only pay for what you use.

You can also invite external influencers, employees or clients to Brand Spaces, and these collaborators can then see and share data according to their permissions.

What it means to you and your business

Brand Space makes collaboration more effective across multiple brands, across multiple stakeholders.

Digivizer CEO Emma Lo Russo says: “Digivizer Brand Space makes it easy and affordable for digital marketing managers and business owners to see all the data they need to make informed decisions about the performance of their digital marketing, in social and search channels, across owned, earned and paid media.

“Brand Space makes collaboration more effective across multiple brands, across multiple stakeholders. Because everyone can now see the same data across the same brands, across all the channels that are active, they can make better decisions about content performance, influencer engagement, click-through rates to owned media, and more.



We help many businesses – large and small – with their digital marketing and know from their feedback how important it is to create individual brand spaces easily and quickly. Smaller businesses and entrepreneurs share the same requirements as larger companies: they want to be able to grow their business quickly, manage performance, understand how their budget is working for them and analyze and report on each brand easily, quickly and with confidence.”

Our Platform

Digivizer makes it easy for any business anywhere to understand, deliver and make good decisions about their investment in digital marketing. Take advantage of our affordable, easy-to-use platform allowing your business to measure in real-time your owned, earned and paid, search and social media performance, so you can do more of what works.

Digivizer offers a range of plans that scale depending on the number of users, the number of connected paid and search accounts, and the number of hashtags being tracked.

The Digivizer Starter Plan costs US$89 per month, with all plans offering 30 days of data across all paid, owned and earned channels and the first 30 days free.

*Access Digivizer for US$45 per month - offer available until December 31 (starter plan is usually US$89 per month). First 30 days is free. Special Offer includes up to $150 Google Ad voucher for every new Google Ads account that spends a minimum $50 (available in match funding). Plus take advantage of a free monthly digital strategy session with a Digivizer Digital Specialist for all paid up plans.