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New features for Facebook Live and Periscope: Is Live Streaming the Future of Social?


This week has seen some big moves in the world of social media live streaming.

Two days ago Facebook announced a variety of features that will take Facebook Live to the next level of user engagement, with more ways to discover, share, and interact with live video, and more ways to personalize your live broadcasts.

Unsurprisingly, many of these features such as real time reactions, a global map view, and the option to invite people to a broadcast, will feel more than a little bit familiar to users of Twitter’s live streaming platform Periscope.

Of course, this is hardly a coincidence. Facebook has clearly recognized the need to respond with their own live video solution to the challenge posed by Periscope – and it seems that the strategy behind their response is quite a simple one: do everything that Periscope does – and then more.


Filters and sketching capabilities will add a level of personality and interaction to Facebook Live that Periscope has been lacking… Until this morning.

Leading Periscopers such as Australia’s own Dan Moore (Twitter: @danandmoore & have today been given early access to a brand new sketch feature, previewing it live to their followers throughout the day.

We asked Dan to give us the low-down:

“It’s got 3 colours to choose from and an eyedropper for additional colour selection to draw on the screen while streaming.

“It only stays on screen for about 4-5 seconds before it blends out, but I guess that keeps the video clear while scoping without having a mess of drawing on the screen throughout the stream.

“It’s a nice step forward, adding some creative functionality to the app and a new way to interact with my audience.”


At the moment, the sketch feature is only available to power users of Periscope with a big following but it will begin to roll out to all users.

With live streaming being one of the most significant developments to Facebook’s platform in recent memory, and Twitter clearly still committed to making Periscope work, it begs the question – is live streaming the future of social?

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