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How to win in tomorrow’s social world

Businesses that master real-time, mobile-driven mass-personalization will win in tomorrow’s social world.

What does this mean?

Making it easy to search, engage, assess, buy and measure in a highly personalized way.

Which requires businesses of all sizes to know more about their customers, what is of interest to them, what they are engaging with today, and then to personalize and serve up relevant content and offers based on each customer’s declared interests, life stages and activities.

Much more than simplistic monitoring of social media posts, this is live insights actioning. Those that adopt this approach to selling and marketing see significantly greater results.

And since consumers always vote either with their feet (and wallets), those who do this well will win.

This has been talked about over the past few years, but few companies do this, and those that do tend to be large ones.

Small and medium businesses deserve to benefit as well, and they can more and more as real-time technology that analyses the social web and serves personalized content through social channels in real-time becomes available.

However it needs to start with the desire first to create great customer experiences, and to use the large amount of data on social to do what we have always wanted to do as marketers: get the right message to the right person at the right time using the right channel. The wide adoption and real-time sharing and engaging nature of social allows this to be a reality.

Those who harness the power of this data source for personalization, to create great experiences, will win.

Emma Lo Russo: Emma is CEO and co-founder of DIGIVIZER.