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8 Ways To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Business Using Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go traffic business puresPokemon Go is a phenomenon. Check out these quick stats and we’ll share with you 8 ways to drive massive traffic to your business using Pokemon Go.
In the space of less than a week, this augmented/mixed reality game (AR) has achieved these outstanding results:


  • #1 on Google Play and the App Store in Australia, New Zealand, USA

google play

  • Pokemon Go was installed on 5.6% of all Android devices in the United States, and is installed on more Android phones than Tinder (source: Digital Vision)


  • Three days ago, Pokemon Go was poised to take over Twitter in daily active users. Consider that Pokemon Go has only been officially released in three countries (Australia, New Zealand and USA). At this rate, it will be the most downloaded app in the USA within the next few days, if not sooner.

pokemon go tinder

  • Within 48 hours, Pokemon received the swipe right treatment by being installed in more Android devices than the popular dating app Tinder.

Digital Vision SimilarWeb data

  • Based on the US Android app data from Digital Vision, Pokemon Go is experiencing engagement rates of 43 minutes 23 seconds which have surpassed engagement rates of WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Messenger.

geo-apk data

  • Pokemon Go fans seeking to experience the hype from outside Australia, New Zealand and the USA and looking to get ahead of the curve by bypassing the official app stores are downloading Pokemon Go APK files from **Warning: apk files can be embedded with malware.

The stats above are compelling, but not yet definitive. These graphs and data interpretations are simply snapshots of a longer marketing and business play by Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) Niantic Labs and Pokemon’s creators Nintendo. According to the above data, Pokemon Go has been a successful launch. As to how long it lasts, and its levels of engagement and stickiness, only time will tell. 

More specifically, and like anything in the marketplace, the audience will decide. Pokemon Go’s ultimate success measurement from a business perspective will be determined by how much revenue it can generate. Its continued levels of success will be up to Niantic and Nintendo’s creative and engineering teams. What will they release next?

On a broader level, what will other gaming companies release next?

And the question has to be asked, as Pokemon Go sweeps the planet and dominates the GooglePlay store and app charts, how can businesses take advantage of its massive uptake?

Pokemon Go as a game is of less importance than its effective implementation and execution of its mobile gamification architecture and template.

This much is clear: the business case and evolving business model are significant and convincing with its huge popularity, and are likely here to stay. Keep in mind, Pokemon Go as a game may be overtaken by another successful gaming title but the business model with augmented reality integration will evolve and make its way into many a marketing plan. Smash the experience to mind blowing levels and people will exit through the gift shop every single time.

8 ways for businesses to take advantage of Pokemon Go

Let’s sync right in.

  1. If you’re near a Pokestop (or group of Pokestops) create a Lure (instructions here from and set your business up in the game for 30mins. Lures cost 100 Pokecoins and an 8 pack costs 680 Pokecoins. If you don’t have enough Pokecoins, you can purchase them with real money. Translated, 100 Pokecoins = $1.49 AUD (0.99 USD). For 30 minutes, people will see your Pokestop on their Pokemon Go maps with pink petals at the nearest Pokestop. So for $3 AUD ($2 USD), a business could have a great 1 hour of exposure in Pokemon Go if not more as you can (or others can) purchase Lures.

Pokemon Go lures

Pokemon-Go-set-Lure-iPhone-screenshot-02                                                                                                                                         Image:

2.   Reward Pokemon Go players for creating Lures. The major benefit from creating a Lure is that it will attract traffic. The additional benefit of rewarding Pokemon players to create Lures at the Pokestop near your business is that if you advertised and promoted your business effectively, you can increase traffic into your physical store, increasing the opportunities for branding, customer care, relationship building, increased sales and increased visibility in social.

pokemon go3.   Up the ante and reward Pokemon Go traffic with a surprise super-special offer if they’ve checked in on Facebook or left a comment on your GoogleMaps listing with a high star rating. If you’re a retail store that sells chocolate, organize your budget to create a four-piece or six-piece gift pack of chocolate. Tip: the more unexpected the value piece you provide with a genuine experience of gratitude, the more likely you’ll receive a positive comment (it’s enough to change their opinion and edit an original post). If you don’t, your customer has left you feedback, positive or negative, which you can address and post in social. People want to see learning points. Authenticity includes displaying (more importantly taking responsibility for) your flaws as a business and showing how you have learnt from the experience, and keeping the original negative experience and positive outcome as virtual forms of gratitude. It also shows a more human trait which people can relate to.

oh boo chocolates sydney barangaroo

4.   On a larger scale, Starbucks (for example) could create rewards for players to create Lures and apply to Niantic/Nintendo to have their businesses recognized as ‘gyms’. Gyms stand out (see below). They’re like galactic portals in the shape of a tower and they’re usually well-known landmarks. For more details about gyms, click here. Take note, unless you’re on Level 5, you can’t compete to own or protect a gym. The key point about a gym is that it draws a lot of traffic to it as players try and gain control of it. 

pokemon go gym

Brands with physical stores should dive deep into this experience to engage. On this map below, Starbucks in central Sydney has seven potential ‘gym’ locations and seven locations to get in sync with Pokemon Go players.

starbucks map sydney

5.   Create a guerrilla marketing campaign. Make sure the AR activity and targeted audience are strongly aligned with your brand, and create targeted offers for Pokemon Go players (giveaways, discount offers, bundled offers, value add offers). If you’re a company that is into guerrilla marketing, have budget and are uber-responsive, set up a pop-up store at the location of a gym and bring massive value to the experience of the players.

6.   Sell/promote and give away gifts. One enterprising Pokemon Go player here in Sydney brought and sold phone battery chargers. Why not offer branded phone battery chargers? Drink bottles? Coffee and mugs? Items that would be of massive interest to the players. Below is one of the best gifts I’ve received from a client ever and a simple idea that many Pokemon Go players would find of massive value.

Tip: remove your traditional marketing and advertising hat for a second. Look to enhance the experience, not to disrupt. The minute the experience is disrupted, you’re selling.

lenovo phone battery charger

7.   If you’re still not sure how to get involved, try which can help your business create Pokemon Go lures and then help players know where to find the deals. Note the team at TKM Labs built this platform in 24 hours and the team there are fixing and improving the platform as fast as they can. Be patient as it’s a killer idea.

8.   Register and update your business details on Google Maps, Microsoft’s Bing Places  and Facebook Pages. Double- check your location with the Ingress database to see where the portals are – this is the mapping backbone to Pokemon Go. By combining each of these into your AR marketing mix, you’ll be placing your business right in the cross-hairs of these AR gaming experiences. The evolving marketing paradigm for the future revenue stream of ads is in integrating mapping, gaming, mobile and AR into a seamless, fun experience. Hyper-local marketing just went to the next level and deeper into the immersive experience.

ingres map intel

bing places

Welcome to the world of ‘Portal Marketing’ –

this is the form of integrated marketing involving the constructs of gamification, mobile, mixed reality (or augmented reality/AR) mapping and business promotion to generate leads and drive sales in mobile/MR games.

As a business, how can you integrate your business objectives with AR games like Pokemon Go? Treasure hunting games are not new: the execution and uptake of this app and experience, however, are. They are here to stay, so what will you do to take advantage of the next wave?

Mahei Foliaki: Mahei is responsible for social & digital strategies, experiential architectures, and content and social media planning at Digivizer.