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5 ways to outsmart Facebook


I’m sure you’ve all heard that “You need to pay to get anywhere on Facebook!”

Not entirely true.

Facebook may have turned the dial to a point which makes it almost impossible to grow your community without advertising, but here are my top 5 things you can do to increase organic reach on your posts.

It is important to remember that Facebook Post Reach should be used to provide insight and to analyse the success of one post versus another but don’t read much into the arbitrary number.

Use Link Thumbnail posts


When posting a link referring a user away from Facebook, use a Link Thumbnail style post NOT an image with a link in the status.

Facebook weights clicks on a thumbnail link higher than clicks on a mid-status link.

It is also the reason that you shouldn’t post an additional link in a status when you are using a Link use thumbnail-style posts: people click on the lower-weighted link – not what you want.

More people clicking on your post’s thumbnail means increases in your post’s Facebook EdgeRank. The higher your Facebook EdgeRank, the more people your post will reach.

Don’t link to videos on another platform: use Facebook native video

Facebook has positioned itself as the place to consume video. If you post your video native outside Facebook it will choke your reach.

If you are asking yourself, “How do they do this?” or, “How do they know my link even has video?”, here’s the explanation: if you link to YouTube, it’s obvious to Facebook that you’ve posted a video.

Other less-obvious decisions and indicators that will also hamper your reach include using the words ‘watch’ or ‘video’ in your post, or having the word ‘video’ in your URL/link. Avoid doing this to increase your reach.

Use data /insights to create best content

When you strike gold with content that gains great engagement and reach, keep producing that type of content.

And if you see content doing poorly, stop and change, or (at the very least) change the structure of your post to increase your EdgeRank. Remember, it all starts with data!

Facebook likes you to create engaging website content that increases the reader’s time away from Facebook

Yes, that’s correct – time away from Facebook. Facebook increases your post’s Facebook EdgeRank if readers spend time reading the content, reasoning that it must be great. It will rank such higher than content users spend less time viewing.

Post more often

You heard me correctly: if you have plenty of engaging content, are consistently seeing your reach improve by doing the four things listed above, and you have the resources to produce more posts, do so!

Facebook wants you to post more good content so that its platform continues to serve great content that people want to view. (And here’s the reason why.)

Gone are the days of seeing in the Facebook newsfeed (for brand pages- those managed and owned by organizations) ‘Digivizer has posted these 3 posts’. Facebook now shows users one of your posts at a time, and subsequent views are influenced by the interaction that takes place with that first post.

And this won’t be seen by the viewer as spam, because: Facebook assesses how people interact with your posts. The more interaction (Likes, Comments), the more often Facebook serves new content sooner in those users’ feeds.

Your following post is more likely to be shown to a person who has engaged with the post before. Basically, the more compelling your content is to those reading it, the more they like it and the more they see.

Facebook is in business to maximize the mapping of content to people. It wants users to be confident that the content they look at is relevant, meaningful and up-to-date. From that grows advertising revenue. Great for the individual, less so for someone (you) trying to maximize the number of people looking at you.

These tips will help.

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Brian Gibson: Brian is Social Community Content and Campaign Manager at DIGIVIZER.