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Where exactly does social fit in your organization?

This is not a question asking who owns or manages your organization’s social activities.

It is, instead, asking where they fit in the fibre of your organization.

Whether they are an integral part of your organization’s strategy.

Whether you have adapted your organization to take advantage of the social web and the insights it provides.

Whether your organization has connected the inbound data from the social web to your existing customer data, to create an integrated view of your customers and prospects, working out how the social web can deliver incremental leverage to your organization (and this will differ for every organization in turn) in sales, revenue, customer relationships and services, product research, market research, or influence.

Making a strategic decision about how to harness its disruptive force to your benefit.

In short, asking whether the social web is now part of your organization’s DNA.





Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.