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It’s a digital cocktail party out there. How well do you know the guests?

Imagine yourself at a corporate cocktail party, only in the digital world. You’ve got the ever-present Facebook participants, the Tweeters, the strong-minded and on-point LinkedIn contenders, and the ever present stream of visuals and reviews on YouTube.


But what does it all mean?

What do you say to each person?

How do you know what’s of interest to all these individuals, all engaging – and then disengaging – by the second?

As you mingle through the crowd, you gather insights, facts and data about the guests. Who’s getting married (and who’s getting divorced)?

Who’s in the market for a new car?

What has each of them done most recently?

What makes them tick?

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Better to understand before you engage, better to know than to guess, better to be clear who might be your friends – and those who might not be!

Now imagine summoning this information from your online audience in a streamlined format that’s easy to navigate, and which delivers the answers and insights you need from your stakeholders, in real time.

Makes not being the party-pooper so much more comfortable when you know what’s what and who’s who.

Time to stop being a digital wallflower, prise yourself off the wall, dive in and introduce yourself.

Who knows? You might hit it off.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.