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DIGIVIZER is hiring!

DIGIVIZER has two new roles as part of our continuing expansion as Australia’s leading social analytics technology company.

Social Community Content & Campaign Manager

A new role for experienced client relationship managers. You need a track-record in successful client relationship engagement and a deep knowledge of all major social platforms and the opportunities that they represent. Click here for all the details of this role.

Data Analyst

We are looking for an experienced data analyst who has worked with natural language and unstructured text to help in fulfilling querying, analytics, reporting and input into our development and analytics platform. You need to have an interest in social media and helping organizations better understand their share of voice, their opportunities and actionable insights is essential. Click here for all the details of this role.

“DIGIVIZER is an exciting, dynamic workplace. Every day is different, every day presents its own challenges, working with a diverse range of clients and a great team.”

“Working in such an innovative and forward thinking environment with a diverse team of talent is motivating. Seeing our clients happy and achieving results through our partnership with them is also fantastic.”




Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.