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Asking the right questions helps get the right answers

Use the social web to analyse the consumer conversation landscape, use that analysis to ask the right questions – then act on those answers.

Seems a reasonable mantra.

What the social web provides, of course, are thousands of new ways to ask new questions, often in ways that have never occurred to any of us before, and in ways that change constantly. And that dynamism is also new: being able to take advantage of that constantly-changing data source.

The conversations are already taking place, so what we’re talking about here is stepping into those conversations, from a position of relevance and engagement rather than interruption (the old advertising-driven model). Today’s social analytics tools allow you to do so in systematic ways that can be scaled and integrated with other data.

Inputs (in other words, the questions) can be changed so that the answers can be varied to suit the context and strategy. But you can also use any set of answers to redefine and refine the strategy, so creating a virtuous, real-time feedback mechanism.

There’s nothing more valuable in business than feedback, because feedback gives purpose to action. And it starts with questions and answers.


Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.