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Social at the centre of everything

The social web and social media continue to be considered and deployed in the context of sales, marketing or customer service.

Now it’s time to put social at the centre of everything.

Blog pic - social at the centre of everything

No other mechanism provides so great a level of market insight and feedback, on such a scale, so close to real individuals. Organizations need to move away from using social tools to measure sentiment or allegiance, towards using social to analyse and understand their markets.

Markets are complex. They consist of customers, prospects, competitors, influencers, opportunities, challenges, regulators and a broader backdrop of public sentiment. The social web provides thousands of real-time radar signals on the state of any given market across all of these contributing inputs.

By analysing these inputs and the resulting social media outputs from the hundreds of thousands of individuals using the social web every day, organizations can consider and decide upon the actions they need to take. And these decisions are now based on data available to an unprecedented level, in real-time.

That’s tremendously powerful, and also makes organizations accountable to shareholders and other stakeholders: acting on data and analyses beats acting on instinct or historic precedents.

In short, it’s time for social to be contributing to every aspect of business strategy development, in understanding and knowing which services, products, sales development initiatives, customer service initiatives, and employment initiatives should be considered.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.