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Smarter social segmentation

Facebook’s proposed new policy of throttling back messages without paid content reminds us that smarter social segmentation is needed to maximize the returns on social spend.

Smarter segmentation means a better understanding of who the audiences are for any given message or content set, and an understanding of the context for that content.

As content production and distribution becomes more expensive, organizations will want more certainty that the right content is connecting with the right audiences for the right reasons. They certainly do not want content to miss its mark (especially if hard cash is involved) and audiences don’t want to receive irrelevant spam.

How do you know what content is right?

By understanding audiences, what influences them, the extent of their networks, the context of their conversations, the reasons for their comments, and the degree to which you know them (on the scale from ‘not at all’ through to ‘valuable customers’).

How do you do that?

By capturing the conversations taking place on the social web, analysing them, matching them to individuals, and mapping these to the organization’s customer and prospect databases.



Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.