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Real-time the key to relevance in social marketing

You can know a lot about your customers, but nothing beats the lift in performance that comes from responding now, with relevance.

Anything other than taking action on real-time insights will contain a degree of lost opportunity.


And organizations aren’t in business to miss opportunities.

Fortunately, the social web provides those real-time triggers. They range from ‘straws in the wind’ (“…what do you think about product A or company X?”) to detailed declarations of intent (“…I’m going to buy a new car in the year-end sales and I’m looking for a four-cylinder option that won’t blow my budget”).

A systematic approach is required to plug the social web at one end into your existing CRM and marketing operations at the other.

This is not about counting mentions. Rather, it’s about gathering insights and context from the thousands of conversations taking place on the social web every day. (And many of these may well not mention either your company name, brand or product, but will still represent opportunities for your company.)

By matching these mentions and these individuals to your customer database and prospect database, you can impose a priority so that you can market to those that count most, first. You set the priority: want to talk to existing customers? New opportunities? Those making an overt declaration? Influencers? Knowing who’s saying what makes all the difference.

Finally, to get that real-time response to happen, match the conversations to the real-time triggers that matter most to your company, those triggers that indicate an opportunity, or perhaps a risk. Connect those to your marketing operation (or your customer service operation) and you suddenly have a better return on your marketing investment (because you’re directing your resources to the right people at the right moment), the potential to increase sales closures, and the opportunity to build sales from existing customers.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.