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Sydney, 5 May 2014 – Social analytics technology company DIGIVIZER has won the latest round of Carnegie’s Den, the  investment ‘speed dating’ vehicle of Mark Carnegie’s investment company, designed to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to gain direct funding from a network of investors.

DIGIVIZER was one of eight start-ups and early-phase Australian technology companies that made it to the finals, from a long-list of 120 companies which applied and a short list of 35 which were interviewed.

Winning this round of Carnegie’s Den results in an immediate grant of $15,000 from Mark Carnegie’s venture capital firm M. H. Carnegie, a year of business and investment consulting with the firm, and from that the opportunity to draw down an additional $1 million in investment.

DIGIVIZER plans to use this initial investment and corporate advice to accelerate its product and market development, in particular to open its solution up to the larger small-to-medium sized enterprise market.

DIGIVIZER was founded in 2010 to help organizations understand more about their customers and prospects at the individual level, with a solution that goes much further than the historical ‘dumb volume’ alternative solutions of counting mentions and sentiment.

DIGIVIZER’s solution identifies individuals commenting openly on the social web across the current three main social media channels of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, and then maps these individuals to the existing CRM databases in organizations for instant actioning.

These data can be provided in the form of trigger-based leads or insights, and can be delivered in real-time either direct to CRM systems or via live dashboard.  

The insights DIGIVIZER delivers lets companies and organizations identify and engage with influencers, customers who may be looking for sales or service, or highly-targeted prospects who will benefit from new products. By linking social to CRM, companies can now have the right conversations with the right people about the right subject for the right reasons in the right channel, and importantly at the right moment.

The judging panel was Mark Carnegie, John Singleton, venture capitalist Melissa Widner, Blue Chilli Founder and CEO Sebastien Eckersley, and Nicholas Gray, CEO of The Australian.

The other finalists were Selera Labs, Car Next Door, SwitchAutomation, CricHQ, TokenOne and Qwilr.

Quotes from Emma Lo Russo, CEO of DIGIVIZER

“This is of course a wonderful win for the DIGIVIZER team and our customers who have backed us to date. Looking at the high calibre of the competition, the biggest winner is our economy and future of our country, with this competition demonstrating that Australia is really world class when it comes to technology innovation.”

“Australia has shown historically that it can compete globally with primary resources. Time is running out to demonstrate that we can do so again with technology. Carnegie’s Den is playing an important role in promoting and supporting innovation and provides a powerful endorsement of the confidence Australians can take from being as good as anyone else in the technology sector. But we have to act, we have to invest, we have to innovate, and we have to support companies who are at start up or at growth stage to do all of these thing now.”

“DIGIVIZER sees huge opportunities in taking our social profiling and analytics solution to the next level. When the thoughts, preferences, comments and networks of the millions of people active on the social web being marshalled, analysed, understood and mapped to existing data, the business development loop closes. Companies understand who to market and sell to, consumers enjoy a better experience because they are being listened to, and the returns on this effort and investment improve markedly. And for Digivizer we not only will be able to serve more Australian businesses, we have the rest of the world to continue to grow and serve.”

Alan Smith: Alan is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.