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Creating sales through social

More companies are working out which systems and processes deliver the greatest sales value and opportunities from the social web.

But ahead of systems and processes come individuals – those on the social web you need to connect with, either to influence and to sell to.

A people-centric approach to social marketing and selling means you maximize the time you take in interacting in social conversations.

It means these conversations are based on a relevant understanding of mutual needs.

It means building relationships around relevant contexts.

Understanding who you need to talk to, influence, market to, sell to and form long-term commercial relationships with, has always been sales best-practice for the most successful organizations.

The social web provides vast scale and deep insight into who these people really are. This is perhaps the biggest single step you can take towards increasing sales, faster.

Systems then fit into this engagement strategy, be they the front-end systems used to analyse and make sense of the social web, or the back-end CRM systems used to map those on the social web to your existing company data.

Processes also fit into this people-centric social strategy, the methods for analysing the activity on the social web, and for marketing to those individuals once they have been identified.

Systems and process are important. But at its heart, social and selling are about people.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.