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Willing participants

Most of the many “next big things” do have one thing in common: the concept of marketing to individuals, especially via mobile devices (the notion of the social graph being in the shopper’s pocket) as long as participants (i.e. the consumers themselves) are willing.

What seems to be discussed less often is the doomsday scenario of consumers not willing to be participants.

Worse still is the scenario of participants willing for a while but then turned off by marketers doing something destructive or asinine.

Today, these are customers or prospects lost forever, and they prepared to tell their networks of contacts why.

Most organisations know (or think they know) who their customers are. It’s more important to know what they think about your organisation, what you sell, your brand, and those of your competitors.

And its more important than ever, having discovered their identities, to market and sell with care, treat them as individuals, and use the intelligence embedded in social media to guide and inform your marketing and selling programmes.

To do that successfully you need to work at the granularity of the individual, akin to knowing the profile of every grain of sand from a bucket taken from a particular beach.

Imagine being able to market and sell with this degree of focus, to willing participants.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.