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Tracking the news cycle all the way to the consumer, and back, in real-time

A survey published by BBC World News and demonstrates how tightly the personal use of tablets and personal device complements TV viewing habits.

Survey participants were top income earners and owners of at least three devices amongst television, tablet, smartphone and laptop/desktop. And the survey was conducted in a number of countries, including Australia.

Tablet owners watch more TV news, not less, with most saying they use tablets alongside TV.

Results in summary included the following observations and conclusions:

  • Tablet owners watch more TV news, not less
  • People aged 25-34 year  are the biggest news enthusiasts
  • Second screening for news is becoming commonplace, with users often using devices in tandem. 83% of tablet users say they have used their tablets while watching television.
  • News audiences expect to see advertising nearly as much on mobile as they do on TV and online.
  • People respond to advertising across all the screens, with 1 in 7 users indicating they responded to a mobile ad in the last four weeks whilst responses to TV and desktop are 1 in 5 and 1 in 4 respectively


So now we know that a significant part of the market embraces the means of commenting in real-time as they consume the news of the day. Moreover we can see that a younger generation is absorbing what might be called traditional, mainstream media news and then adding a new, social media element as part of the consumption.

For marketers and PR professionals the feedback loop is complete, but the speed of response has accelerated markedly. The full cycle – news creation, news placement, news broadcast, news commentary – can be plotted and tracked.

Now the  final element needs to be added: that of real-time action based on the triggers being activated by the comments being made on the social web by those now clearly watching TV news.

With real-time insights and triggers plugged into the loop, marketers and public relations professionals can now track the news cycle in a way that’s as hands-on as those consuming the news.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.