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The role of garbage in social marketing

It’s all too prevalent.

Even today assumptions are made about markets, sectors, groups, buying decisions, and so on, all based on deducing something after an event. Consumers still have to buy something, pay a bill, swipe a card, whatever, for the data input at the front to trigger the deduction at the back.

So GIGO, garbage in, garbage out, still applies as with any system or feedback mechanism.

Time to side-step the GI part of this equation.

What we need is the antithesis of feedback, the signal that comes before the event, the clue about the intent rather than the measurement about what’s just happened.

When you  request antonyms for “feedback” in an on-line Thesaurus the most common is the word “request”. The Social web is alive with requests, and with comments or needs that sit alongside these requests.

So rather than measure the effect after the fact, why not listen instead to the intent before the fact? Monitor and analyse the social web, identify and contextualise the digital footprints, maps these to your existing corporate world, and connect those expressing requests and intent with what you have to offer.

Then you’ve completed side-stepped the garbage bin.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.