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Stats galore, but where’s the insight?

I like information and stats as much as the next guy. (I’m was once a scientist after all.)

There are three new sets out at the moment and I’m happy to give all three a plug:

They all tell a similar story: things are on the up. No surprise there, but the scale, size and continued speed of growth still amazes and impresses.

But these stats still feel like dumb volume, a feeling compounded by the sheer size of the numbers.

What’s missing is the insight behind all those Tweets, Facebook comments and YouTube videos. Why are they made? Why are they there?

As Alfie was once asked, what’s it all about?

We need to get perhaps better at slowing up a tad and working out what people think and the intents and sentiments behind the comments, as we continue to get ever louder and more frequent in how we communicate.

Otherwise we risk simply shouting in new ways. Which would be a shame.

(PS:  in the first set of stats, from public relations consultancy Burson-Marsteller, the claim is posited on slide 11 that almost 1 in 7 humans is active on Facebook (with 901 million active accounts); and on slide 26, that there are roughly 10 accounts per company. That makes it fewer than 1 in 7 humans on Facebook, I think.)

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.