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Measurement is the wrong social media measurement

Another day, another set of social media measurement tools: news from Twitter that it has opened its analytics tools to everyone, news that Facebook Likes are not quite all they appear to be.

Yet measurement is not the point.

The point is to engage with the customer and the prospect. To provide something that others can’t, or provide it in a way that give you an advantage.

To do that requires that you know who you’re talking to. This is difficult to do in the online world because you can’t see the other person, or read their body language.

Yet it’s the online world that gives you colossal scope, access to new customers across a level global playing field, new opportunities to make a difference, new opportunities to make money.

The right measurement of social media is not a measurement at all. It’s the understanding of who the individuals are who active on the social web, what their motivations are, how they connect with and influence others, and whether or not you know them already as customers or prospects, or whether you should know them as prospects or influencers.

And there’s no right or wrong number attached to this insight. More does not mean better, it just means more, less doesn’t mean worse, just fewer.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.