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It’s time to pick up the marketing shards and glue them back together

The marketing lens has been broken for far too long. The different elements of the lens, which should work together to present a clear picture about who to market to and who to sell to, operate separately.

As any astronomer will tell you, that’s useless.


So the outbound communications needs to be hooked to audiences which have already declared an interesting in considering what’s on offer. (Why would you market to anyone else?)

Your customer database needs to be hooked to the same audience.

And you need to understand what that audience says, not in a superficial way (a-ha, you’ve just said something!) but in a meaningful way (a-ha, you’re a long-standing customer yet you’re not happy about our new products. What can we do to help you change your mind?).

These insights (not fragments) come from the social web, where consumers freely vent and express their opinions about everything.

Automatically capture those comments and the insight behind them, in large numbers but in a way that also lets you identify the individual, and plug all of this back into your CRM system, and you’re in business.

With a single, complete view of the customer and prospect.

Without distortion to that image.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.