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Is anybody out there? (And who are you, exactly?)

Launching to a new market is hard. It doesn’t matter whether you are an established company breaking into a new market sector, or a company entering Australia for the first time.

It gets more difficult still if you don’t yet understand the target market you want to break open, which by definition is always the case.

How does the market segment?

Does it differ from markets in which you operate elsewhere?

Who are the influencers?

Who writes about this sector?

Who’s commenting on the social web?

Are they commenting about your organization?

But you can turn to social media as if it were a giant, national radar set, to understand the market, its segments, who these important individuals are.

You can analyse and contextualize those who are already talking on the topics that are relevant to your product, service or this market sector.You can map every person and every post with geolocations directed at cities where you wish to focus your launch.

You can identify those that generate the deepest digital trails in the social web.

And with this intelligence you can create dynamic lists of these key individuals so that you can engage with them.

What’s more, having this set up as an automated process gives you real-time feedback on the marketing output you start to generate and distribute to this audience and these influencers.

You can see the direct and unambiguous connection between engagement with the market and the messages being written about and shared in social media.

Now CMOs are in synch with their CFOs. Both can see the return on the budget and effort.

But the first task is always to discover who’s out there.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.