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Decide what you want

Decide whether you want to count the number of Tweets that mention your company’s name, or more interestingly find out who’s posting the Tweets, who else they connect with, which other social media channels they use, and the footprint they leave on the social media landscape.

Decide whether you want to know how many people liked your brand last week, or more importantly whether they like your brand, are advocates for it, whether they are satisfied with the brand engagement they just had, and the motivations behind their sentiments.

Decide whether you simply want to know all this information, or more pertinently whether you want map this information to your existing customer database, your existing service database, or your prospect database.

We don’t think it’s the counting that matters. We think it’s the intelligence, the insights, and the actions that flow from all of these that matters, and the ability to engage with customers in new ways.

What’s exciting and what’s valuable about the social web is discovering  what’s being said, the reasons for the conversation, who’s talking, and whether you already know these individuals, and how you use this information as triggers, for sales, service or something else.

And then deciding what action you will take, and taking it.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.