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We connect to humans

We connect to humans, not machines.

You can’t automate nuance, reactions, service.

So it makes sense to listen first, to understand what’s being said, and why.

Then you can work out what to say, and who to talk to.

Successful sales and long-term customer relationships follow (because they are built on real connections, not just a record ID on a database.)

And the social web makes that listening task possible. What’s more, you can now scale the listening process. And what you hear is what they, the consumers, actually care about, not what you care about.

Your sales volume might drop (perhaps) but your sales quality, and probably your speed of sales, will improve.

Listen. Reflect. Analyse. Scale. Connect. Converse. Propose. Sell. Repeat. Sounds like a reasonable sales model.

Happy Christmas, especially to anyone in sales approaching their quarter-end.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.