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The web is undeniably social. Right now, people are meeting, finding, sharing, and connecting with one another through the social web – leaving behind digital footprints that are as unique as they are.

DIGIVIZER makes sense of the incredibly complex details of these digital footprints – the comments being posted, the connections being made, the intricacies of the social web as it plays out for each person.

Your business can now gain easy access and tap into these digital footprints, providing you with a valuable insight into the people that matter most to you, and presents it as meaningful data, down to the individual, that’s easy to understand and access.

When integrated with your customer relationship, sales and marketing platforms and programs, DIGIVIZER gives you a new edge to enable more powerful personalization and targeting through all customer interactions – significantly increasing the return on your marketing and sales investment.

DIGIVIZER delivers insights to: Facebook,  Twitter, Linked In MySpace, YouTube, WordPress and Flickr, providing you with the footprint of the people you know and the people you really should know.

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