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If you can’t connect social media activity, customers, actionable insight, you’re missing the point

Each of these facets can be defined by you.

Do you want to listen to, or exchange ideas with, your electorate, your community, your customers? Your broad constituency, however you define that? Or merely respond?

Do you want to count mentions? Or gain insight into intentions?

Do you want to know what you customers are saying, or who might be on the market for one of you products? Or guess? Or hope?

Do you want to sell an upgrade or a new product? Do you want to respond to a service request, or head a service problem off at the pass?

Do you want to take control, build meaningful empathy with your customers, rather than just contribute to the noise?

Do you want to make money

(Do you want to scale all this information?)

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.