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Data and analytics the new chicken and egg: which comes first?

In the world of social, which does come first – data or analytics?

How can you analyse social media activity without data?

But how do you know which data to capture and analyse?

The answer is, in fact, that something else comes first: a set of objectives underpinned by a strategy for why you seek these insights at all: leads, sales, influence, better customer relationships, market research, product development.

As with any market interaction, start with the business context.

What the social web, and real-time analytics of the data within it, give you are the real-time intentions, aspirations, needs and demands of people wanting to engage with you, and those individuals you really should know.

Neither data nor analysis comes first: they both sit together, serving a real business objective, in real-time.






Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.