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Wrestling disruption under control

The social web has added a new level of disruption into the previously sequential, ordered and to some seemingly predictable world of marketing.

It disrupts because everyone can in principle share an opinion.

The power and credibility of those opinions outweigh the confused landscape they also create, but you still need to make sense of the landscape so that you can home in on those opinions that matter to you and your organization.

Fortunately, the social web lets you do this if you have the right technology, because you can identify, analyse, map and track every individual who chooses to post a comment on the social web. What’s more, you can analyse each individual’s  network and quantify and analyse the relevance of all of those individuals in turn.

Now the disruption is under control.


Now that seemingly confused, random record of noise, comment, opinion, enthusiasm and hostility being aimed at your organization or brand makes sense, and has been mapped.

You can work out who to talk to, who to influence, who to sell to, who to support, and who to help.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.