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We need to replace “I’m better than you” thinking

That I’m more influential than you (whatever ‘influential’ means) is not the point (even if it were true).

That I’m talking on the social web about cars, banks and phone companies, in various ways and with different levels of enthusiasm, and that you’re talking about your children’s schools, your next holiday and your new job, is much more important.

Because we are sending signals to the world at large and in particular to the companies that provide each of us with our cars, our banking services, our phone and internet services, our children’s schooling, our holiday packages and our employment.

How we describe our experiences with these objects, services, brands and companies should be of critical interest to the suppliers.

If our names are accurately listed on these companies’ customer databases, we are sending subtle triggers about possible sales opportunities.

If we’re not on these databases, we’re sending subtle signals about who we are and what’s bugging us.

So it’s time to discard what might be called a feudal social media mind-set. We’re all important, to those organizations that provide us with services (or would like to) and none of us is more important than anyone else.


We really are all individuals.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.