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Insight before engagement, engagement before sales

The one thing that is common to all our customers is their desire to understand the conversations they need to have with their customers and markets, and to gain the insights that sit behind those conversations they feel they are missing.

We’ve started to see this trend across all the market segments in which we currently work: FMCG, telecommunications, consumer electronics, fashion, food.

What’s impressive is that while they all use DIGIVIZER differently, they all get that the value comes from plugging the insights into their larger marketing strategy. (We’re happy that they choose us to get to this insight, but that’s not the point here.)

None of them regards social media as “the answer”. All regard social media as the channels through which they can really start to find out what’s going on in their markets.

Some have taken snapshots at a given moment, and these snapshots go into a depth of detail not easily obtainable away from the social web. What’s more, they provide snapshots down to the individual level, so that our customers get to start new conversations almost at once (and certainly at will).

Others are now starting to use our dashboards, so that they will review the conversations of tightly-defined individuals as they happen. This is so much more powerful than waiting for the topic to hit, or the trend to appear. Why wait to respond? This companies understand that it’s time to initiate.

And all of our customers have understood that social media activity is not about measurement, but about having the insights to be able to have sensible, productive, relevant conversations. And all are doing this in the context of extending and developing their customer relationships, and increasing sales.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.