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DIGIVIZER’s take on 2014: the social web still about people (and what they mean to organizations)


CEO Emma Lo Russo has researched and reflected on the attitudes and experiences of DIGIVIZER’s clients, and makes the following predictions for social for 2014:

It will be the year of the 3i’s – intentions, intelligence, influence. Companies will want to know more about customers’ intentions. They will want to go far beyond intelligence and influence: they will want to make intentions easy to action. Companies will invest in algorithms that tie real-time intelligence to predicting what customers actually plan to do, and what they are indicating they are doing now.

Noise will diminish. Not in its volume (indeed, the din will get louder), but in its importance (the din will be increasingly a distraction). Organizations will care less and less about “how many”,  and more and more about “who, why, where and when” (and “how can I help?”).  Investment in making meaning from the social web and identifying who and what is important (or influential) will become a key differentiator in those companies that perform better than their competitors.

Personalization will be key. Consumers will go where they get the unique, most enjoyable, easiest, tailored experience. To respond (and win the business of these consumers) companies will accelerate their investment in personalized marketing, messages, engagement, experience, offers, products, sales and service. The social web will help organizations better understand, serve and have their customers socialize their experience.

Real-time is key to relevance. You can know much about your customer but nothing beats the lift in performance if you are relevant and can respond to the now. NOW. Anything other than actioning real-time insights will contain a degree of lost opportunity. Organizations aren’t in business to lose opportunities.

Social CRM will grow. There will be more connections between the social web front-end and the CRM back-end. We will see far greater investment, results and success stories in the coming year from those who invest in programmatically assigning triggers that map to the right type of response and right channel.  We will also see greater discipline in measuring ROI based on customer interactions across channels and attribution to the final sale/customer spend.

Creating B2B sales through social. Companies will invest in working out which systems, processes, and people requirements extract greater value from social, and connecting to these. A people-centric approach to social, and optimizing the time people take in interacting in social and in building relationships around relevant contexts, will contribute more and more to B2B sales. At its heart, social is about people.

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.