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Perhaps the end of the beginning

Greg Jericho (@grogsgamut), in his book The Rise of the Fifth Estate, quotes John Bergin, Sky News’ director of social media and digital news, as follows: “I think we’re gearing towards a situation where we won’t even probably use the term ‘social media’ one day. It will be just what we expect the web to be…we’re only really starting to get to a small degree to what the potential social media has to offer.”

Assuming this to be true (and we do) and the distinction between different types of media is replaced with ‘just media’, with all that this entails, will marketers revert to recent history and seek to interrupt conversations with loud exhortations to buy stuff?

Or will marketers listen to the conversations, engage at the right moment, and understand and then meet the actual preferences of customers and consumers?

Alan Smith: is Head of Customer Engagement at DIGIVIZER.